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We provide custom glass splashbacks in any paint or laminate colour available. There is not limit with colour choices.

Glass can come in a range of thicknesses. We ensure that you will not be disappointed with the ultra clear finish and ultimate reflection. Glass is an easy option to keep cooking areas clean & fresh with minimal care


Metaline is a product produced from laminex that is very comparable to glass in look and durability but with an aluminium backing.

This allows us to bend the product around internal and external corners creating no joins at all in a single sheet length.


This is an option to create a seamless feel and have continuity with the same product you may decide to use for your benchtop as a splashback.

Porcelain splashbacks are an alternative option to glass to carry on the same colour or design as the benchtop, giving the full effect of the features of the product e.g . textures, natural veins.

It is the most resistant product to have on a splashback surface.

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